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In 1974 a group of young men who had served in South Vietnam met at the Geelong RSL with the aim of forming a Vietnam association. Their intention was to keep alive the camaraderie they had experienced in Vietnam and similarly, reflect The Vietnam Veterans Australia Association’s mission to call for government acceptance and action on the effects of chemical exposure (Agent Orange) and post-traumatic stress syndrome on veterans.  At that time, however, the R&SL was opposed to the use of the word "veteran" as it felt the term was too "Americanised". After a number of names were considered, the group finally settled on ‘The Geelong Vietnam Association.’

The Geelong Veteran's Centre is now called the Geelong - Surf Coast Regional Veteran's Centre serving members throughout the City of Greater Geelong, the Surf Coast and Golden Plains Shires. At the local level, the sub-branches are now focused on the welfare of Vietnam Veterans. The GDVVAA organises projects which incorporate sport and exercise, social interaction, and family support to assist veterans with the lasting effects from the Vietnam War. The continuing strength of the GDVVAA lies in the tireless voluntary work of many individuals, their families, and their friends. As long as there are veterans who are socially isolated or in need of assistance, the fight must go on. To keep us focussed on the task we need look no further than the association motto: "Honour the Dead but Fight like Hell for the Living.”

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